CIT Tower_426-HDR

From concrete to mid-century design: The inspiration for South bank tower
23. 11. 17   :   Partner Louise Wicksteed

The South Bank area of London is unrecognisable compared to 40 years ago, having undertaken a rejuvenation as a residential and cultural hub at a speed rarely seen elsewhere…

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Collaborating design – the benefits of several creative minds
22. 08. 17   :   Associates Directors Partners Team The Epistle

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not when it comes to design, in my opinion. At 1508 London, we strongly believe, and indeed offer a clear differentiation to our…

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1508-London_Niek Pulles_Spiky-Chairs_Lauren Coleman copy

Design of the Times
07. 02. 17   :   The Epistle

Architecture, design and fashion have always been influenced by the cultural, socio-economic and political landscape of their time, and modern-day trends are no different. It can be hard to…

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Photo by Noémie Goudal

Christmas wish list: luxury gift ideas
12. 12. 16   :   The Epistle

The ‘artisan economy’ is flourishing at the moment, and this is great news for those of us looking for exquisite, lovingly crafted gifts this Christmas. Here at 1508 London…

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minimalist chandelier

Minimalism: A Growing Trend
18. 11. 16   :   The Epistle

‘Less is more’. This phrase, coined by Robert Browning in his poem Andrea del Sarto, was adopted by architect Mies van der Rohe in the 1940s and has since…

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3D-printed metal sofa

Metal Appeal
24. 10. 16   :   The Epistle

Polished, patinated, pitted, burnished, brushed, oxidised… the myriad different finishes that can be applied to metals to enhance their appearance make them wonderfully versatile. With the development of new…

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1508 London at Decorex International
11. 10. 16   :   The Epistle

Continuing its longstanding role as the country’s leading luxury interiors showcase, Decorex International once again opened its doors to thousands of design professionals at the end of last month. 1508 London…

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London Design Festival 2016: our must-see shortlist
16. 09. 16   :   The Epistle

Here at 1508 London we’re preparing ourselves for the hive of activity that is London Design Festival. Running from 17-25 September, it is an unmissable date in the diary…

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Crystal Houses in Amsterdam - home of Chanel

Architecture as Luxury Branding
22. 08. 16   :   The Epistle

As consumers become ever more savvy and discerning, luxury retailers are finding new, innovative ways to differentiate themselves and develop their brand identity. Increasingly, one of the ways they…

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Closeup of Daniel Buren installation

A Kaleidoscope of Colour
08. 08. 16   :   The Epistle

The word ‘kaleidoscope’ is derived from Ancient Greek, its literal meaning being ‘observer of beautiful forms’. Kaleidoscopes have fascinated us with their complex, colourful and constantly shifting patterns since…

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Gstaad Palace, nestled in the mountains

An interview with 1508 London’s Creative Director, Louise Wicksteed
25. 07. 16   :   The Epistle

Louise Wicksteed is a creative director with big ambitions. Her tireless enthusiasm for the design process, her collaborative approach and her ability to align strategic and creative thinking have helped to drive…

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Valletta City Gate in Malta, by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Exploring texture in architectural design
04. 07. 16   :   The Epistle

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” –– Winston Churchill –– As advancements in engineering lead to ever taller, more innovative state-of-the-art buildings, our cities’ skylines…

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Responding to our surroundings
31. 05. 16   :   The Epistle

Whether our doors open onto landscaped gardens or a ‘bijou’ urban roof terrace, the most successful exterior spaces are connected to – and flow seamlessly from – the interior….

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Helen Amy Murray's beautiful relief leatherwork

Floral Art
19. 05. 16   :   The Epistle

Plants and flowers have been vested with symbolic significance for thousands of years and have long been a rich and varied source of creative inspiration for artists, writers, composers,…

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Marble bathroom with oak vanity unit in Project Pearl

Truth to Materials
11. 04. 16   :   The Epistle

‘Truth to materials’ is a principle of modern architecture that states that the nature of any material should not be hidden but, rather, celebrated for what it is, and…

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Church of the Light by Tadao Ando

The Importance of Light
31. 03. 16   :   The Epistle

Light, both natural and artificial, is one of the most important elements in architecture. For an architect or designer, natural light is an ever-changing tool that can have a…

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Dining room with contemporary furniture and restored authentic features

Reinterpreting classical interiors
11. 03. 16   :   The Epistle

The principles of ancient Greek and Roman classical architecture have been the foundation of architecture through the ages, from Byzantine to Baroque, Renaissance to Regency and right up to the…

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Zaha Hadid table

Art versus furniture
23. 02. 16   :   The Epistle

‘Eventually everything connects’ ––Charles Eames–– It was during the 20th century that the line between art and design began to blur, with hugely influential contributions to both architecture and…

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Glassblower Michael Ruh working in his South London studio

Made In London
10. 02. 16   :   The Epistle

When we think of artists and craftspeople, we might have a romantic vision of them working in splendid isolation, honing their skills in a remote workshop with country views;…

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Brion Cemetery in San Vito d'Altivole, Treviso

Concrete Luxury
29. 01. 16   :   The Epistle

Concrete has come a long way since its humble beginnings in ancient Rome as a raw building material. For many years associated with post-war modernism, at first glance it…

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Stunning sea view from Project Esra

Redefining Luxury
18. 01. 16   :   The Epistle

Luxury means very different things to different people, of course, but owning luxury objects has always been associated with success and the need to fulfil one’s aspirations. Consumers of…

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Festive 1508
18. 12. 15   :   The Epistle

‘It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.’ –Molière– One year is coming to an end and another is about to begin; the significance…

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1508 London: our story so far
10. 12. 15   :   The Epistle

Welcome to The Epistle, our new 1508 London blog. Here we will be sharing our insight and industry expertise, exploring emerging trends and celebrating the things that drive the…

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