At.mosphere Restaurant & Lounge


A prestigious instruction to refurbish Dubai’s highest restaurant. Situated on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building, At.mosphere’s design narrative draws inspiration from a fusion of elements: the refined art deco period, the sophistication of the renowned French cuisine served, and the client’s succinct directive to embody the essence of the food within the interiors.

It’s an opulent escape full of colourful playfulness and a touch of the kaleidoscopic. At every turn, layered detailing, luxurious materiality and considered lighting delight the guest. The art deco-inspired palette of burgundy and blues, punctuated with marble, mirrors, mosaics, and gold tones, evokes a sense of indulgence and glamour.

Whether you find yourself sampling cigars from the humidor or enjoying champagne and oysters while gazing over the Arabian Sea and its panoramic vistas, At.mosphere promises an experience that transcends the ordinary.