Grosvenor Square Penthouse

Mayfair, London

An arresting juxtaposition between old and news, the result is a striking apartment for the modern classicist. The centrepiece of the apartment is formed by a solitary volume which is clad in antique mirror to capture and reflect light back in the grand hallway. The formal spaces mirror one another with matching statuesque white marble fireplaces, located at either end of the formal reception and dining room. They are connected by a full height and grand rosewood library and bar with a central opening, maintaining the symmetry and line of sight from one end to the other of these imposing rooms. The depth and richness of the Rosewood timber, contrasts purposefully with a peaceful palette of blue, gold and ivory hues which are reflected in the furniture and fabrics. Each detail, throughout the property has been carefully considered to create a thoughtful, harmonious design. The result is an apartment which combines unobtrusive modernity with an understated warm and timeless elegance.