The Lanesborough Club, World’s Best Hotel Spa

Knightsbridge, London

Our design concept is based on the Hotel’s principles of ‘Bespoke, Intuitive, Discrete and Intimate’. We have sought to develop the Hotel’s key directive for achieving a ‘home from home’ service environment; extending these inherent qualities to new facilities within which members can re-invigorate, relax and socialise. The Concept Design creates a distinctive Club and Spa facility that maintains a tangible connection with the operations and stylistics of the renovated Hotel. The design considers the proposition resonantly and holistically and, with consideration to the quintessential originals of wellness, we have sought to create ‘a Uniquely British Spa’. In the idiom of the design of the Hotel, we have created a design that is both subtle and characterful: where spaces are identified through distinct characteristics and where ‘everyday’ occurrences are celebrated as spatial events. Each space and functional setting has it’s one unique character, signature materiality and beauty; each flowing intuitively and harmoniously together. The Roman Bath Spa is a key inspiration: rhythmic ceremonial spaces carved from one material and subtly layered spaces creating intuitive and celebratory journeys through sequentially intimate areas. We have carefully respected and re-imagined the classical aesthetic of the Hotel whilst creating a uniqueness which gives strength of character and experience; e.g. the fluted column is playfully re-imagined as a unique experience of material & light, these playful installations add uniqueness to individual spaces and ultimately create a destination that will set the brand apart from other competitors.