5 minutes with Design Principal Ailsa to discuss the Peak Fitness Club at the Carlton Tower Jumeirah

Having recently returned to the 1508 London studio from a sabbatical and enjoying her own ‘wellness journey’, we take 5 minutes with Design Principal Ailsa to discuss the Ahead Awards shortlisted Peak Fitness Club at the Carlton Tower Jumeirah.


What qualities in the Jumeirah brand inspired the design of the Peak fitness club?

Jumeirah is renowned for its signature service and for creating a tailored experience for every guest. We sought to create a design for the fitness club that mirrored the attention to detail and sense of individuality that is typical of Jumeirah as a brand.

Beyond the Jumeirah brand, what influenced the design?

Carlton Tower is the Jumeirah flagship hotel in London and a key aspect of the £100 million refurbishment was to create a hotel that represented the brand but also reflected it’s London setting. At the Peak, the design blends a contemporary fitness experience with a British members club feel.

Were there any details in the design of the Peak you were particularly looking forward to seeing come to life?

There was no dedicated Spa area in the original hotel. As part of the renovation we reconfigured the layout to create a suite of treatment rooms complete with reception area clad in a beautiful ivory onyx.

As a designer, how did you place wellness at the centre of the design? 

I think it’s important to remember that wellness means different things to different people. For some, spaces need to be engaging and invigorating, others calming and contemplative, but all feel cohesive within a holistic hotel design. Light is key to the tone and mood of the space. At Carlton Tower Jumeirah the Pool and Gym benefit from extensive natural light and the chosen material palettes enhance these light filled spaces.

…and finally, what would be your post-workout breakfast of choice?

Anyone who knows me will know I’d rather the breakfast than the workout! But when I do my ‘go to’ is flourless banana pancakes with mixed berries. Super simple and a great energy boost!

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